What is Pea.AI?

Pea.AI is an innovative AI platform that enhances knowledge sharing and exchange in crypto investment. Users can customize and monetize their own GPTs, leveraging their expertise to provide unique insights.
For a more comprehensive introduction to Pea.AI, we invite you to visit our blog post that delves deeper into how our platform is democratizing crypto investing:

What can Pea.AI do?

Pea.AI specializes in the crypto vertical, providing natural language interactions with data across over 30 blockchain networks. Its expertise covers tokens, money flow, news summaries, protocols, and wallets. This makes complex data easily accessible and fosters informed decision-making.

Crypto Expertise and Data Analysis:

Pea.AI specializes in the crypto vertical, providing natural language interactions with data across over 30 blockchain networks. Its expertise covers tokens, money flow, news summaries, protocols, and wallets, making complex data easily accessible and fostering informed decision-making.

Private Data Integration and Personalized Interaction:

Users can import private data for a customized experience, engaging with their own or others' knowledge bases to enhance information flow. This personalized approach encourages a deeper understanding and engagement with the crypto market.

Community Engagement and Management:

Pea.AI helps manage and enrich online crypto communities with its web-based bots for Discord and Telegram. It answers industry-related questions, summarizes trending topics, analyzes sentiment, and generates active user leaderboards, driving community participation and knowledge sharing.

Who is Behind Pea.AI?

Pea.AI was launched by Footprint Analytics, with its foundation laid by a trio of co-founders: Navy (CEO), Tony (Chairman), and Wade (CTO), who have been working together for over a decade.
Their partnership is supported by a core team with 5 to 7 years of cohesive work, exemplifying a blend of stability and expertise. Specializing in machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and mathematical optimization, their collective skills are driving Pea.AI to the forefront of AI-driven cryptocurrency investment solutions.

Usage Guide

How to create and custom GPTs?

To learn how to create and enhance your GPTs, please visit our tutorial at

How can I get involved with the Pea.AI community?

Join our community and connect with the team on:

How to invite your GPT to your community?

  1. Visit and log in to your account.
  2. Create your own GPT by following the guide here:
  3. Navigate to "My" → "Published GPTs", and click on the Discord icon to invite your GPT to a server.

  1. Authorize the bot and select the server you wish to add it to.

How to Get Points

What are points used for?

Points are a way for us to measure and reward users for their contributions to Pea.AI. In the future, these points will enable users to access more privileges and benefits.

How can I earn points?

You can earn points by completing tasks on the points page, such as registering, joining our community, providing feedback, and more.

How do I earn points by inviting friends?

Go to the My → My Invite page to get your unique invitation link.
You can earn points for each person you invite, up to 5 points per person, with a maximum of 20 people.

How many points can I earn by chatting with GPT, and is there a limit?

Each message you send counts as one chat. You can earn 3 points per chat, up to a daily maximum of 10 chats.
What are the requirements to earn points on Discord?
You must post meaningful content in the community. Posting more than 15 meaningful pieces of content per week will earn you 5 points, which are manually distributed weekly.

How can I rate my satisfaction with GPT chats to earn points?

By clicking the like or dislike button beneath the GPT's reply, you can earn 1 point per action, up to a daily maximum of 5 times.

What is the process for providing product feedback, and how can I earn points?

Provide your feedback on the product feedback page After manual review, points are awarded at 3 points per piece of feedback, distributed weekly.

Other Questions

How can I contact Pea.AI's customer service or technical support?

For any inquiries or support needs, you can reach out to us on Discord at Our team is ready to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.