Current Critical Problems

  1. User Acquisition and Growth:
    1. High customer acquisition cost
    2. Small pool of Web3 user traffic
    3. Presence of a large quantity of bot/Sybil users, makes the acquisition of real and valid users difficult
  2. User Activation and Retention:
    1. Disconnection between traffic acquisition and activation, resulting in non-integrated processes, causing traffic waste and user attrition
    2. Insufficient tools and content, inactive community, and low user participation
  3. User Quality and Incentives:
    1. Lack of systems to evaluate the users' contribution to the ecosystem
    2. Presence of numerous studios, bots, and Sybil users unable to provide appropriate incentives for users contributing to the project and community
  4. Developer Onboarding:
    1. Document Searching: Developers' critical time is wasted hunting for relevant public chain development details.
    2. Repetitive Question Answering: The same queries are repeatedly asked and answered wastefully in the community.
    3. Unattended Queries: Manual responses to community queries need to be more timely and cater to global time zones.

Our Solution: A Data-Driven One-stop Growth and Analysis Tool

  1. User Acquisition: AI Quest Bot, acquires users at massively lower costs compared to competitors

    1. Quest Bot for Telegram+Discord: Through quests and rewards, transition 1.5B+ Web2 users into Web3, achieving true mass adoption
    2. Social Fission: Exponential user growth through invite spirals
    3. Sybil detection: Screen for real and valid users through on-chain and off-chain tasks
    4. Abundant activity templates: Activity tasks include on-chain and off-chain, like on-chain wallet interaction, off-chain joining the Telegram community, keeping the community active by speaking up, etc., suitable for various user acquisition and operation scenarios

  2. User Activation and Retention:

    1. News push: Daily Crypto news summaries, latest 1-hour Crypto news
    2. Custom message content: Product updates, project activity push
    3. Regular community activities: Rewards based on user contribution

  3. Activity effect analysis: Campaign and user attribution analytics

    1. User quality and contribution analysis:
      1. User on-chain and off-chain contribution analysis
      2. User profiling analysis
    2. Community analysis: Community activity and sentiment
    Quest Stats

    Quest Stats

    Community Analysis

    Community Analysis

  4. AI Developer Assistant

    1. 24/7 AI Ambassador: Provides constant service.
    2. Learning Interaction: Promotes a learning-focused environment.
    3. Community Queries Highlight: Frequent queries from the developer community are summarized and used to refine development guides and tutorials.