06 Tutorial for Pea Discord Bot

  1. First, after creating your GPT on Pea.AI (see our tutorial), go to the "Studio" page, come to “My GPT & Bots”, and click on the Discord icon . This will take you to a page where you can authorize the Pea Discord bot, as shown below.

  2. Community admins will then select a Discord server to connect to, as shown in the image below

  3. Next, admins must grant the bot the necessary permissions by clicking "Authorize" and completing Discord's security check.

  4. All community members can interact with the bot for conversation, insight, or information by tagging it (after verification).

    1. It includes a customer service feature to handle inquiries related to private information.
      Recommended Prompt: What is xxx project?

    2. Summaries of group chats, highlighting frequently mentioned tokens/protocols.
      Recommended Prompt: What are the top-mentioned tokens in this group?

    3. Summaries of active users in group chats.
      Recommended Prompt: What is the active user ranking in this group?

    4. For crypto-related questions, such as prices and market trends, just ask the bot.
      Recommended Prompt: What is the price of UNI?
      Recommended Prompt: Which tokens have experienced the highest number of whale buy/sell orders in the last 24 hours?

  5. Looking ahead, we plan to introduce features like scheduled summaries for admins and a command option (/) for users to dive deeper into crypto topics.