Why Pea.AI

Currently, several marketing challenges impede Web3 projects, including:

  1. User Acquisition: Merely 20 million users exist in the Web3 space compared to Telegram/Discord's 1.5 billion, rendering it difficult to emulate the user conversion success of initiatives like Ton and NotCoin.
  2. User Retention: Many projects grapple with high user churn rates and expensive marketing campaigns whose impact on user growth and asset price increments remains difficult to quantify.
  3. Boosting dApp Usage: Galvanizing users to kick off more on-chain activities poses a significant challenge.
  4. Evaluating Promotion Success: Assessing the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of KOL promotions and quest activities is a daunting task.
  5. Loyalty Enhancement: Determining users' on-chain and off-chain contributions and fostering their loyalty proves difficult.
  6. Capital Raising: The dearth of traction data hampers effective capital procurement and Token/NFT issuing endeavors.

Pea.AI Highlights:

  1. Vast Audience Reach: Unlock access to a 1.5 billion-strong Telegram & Discord user base, catalyzing Web3 mass adoption.
  2. Enhanced Conversion and Retention: Engage users within the familiar territories of Telegram and Discord, eliminating the need for platform-hopping and retaining traffic in-house.
  3. Economical Acquisitions: Exploit Telegram and Discord's viral potential for budget-friendly user growth, complemented by Pea.AI's proficiency in referral-based viral strategies.
  4. Cost-free Loyalty Enhancement: Employ tangible user data to establish compelling incentives, appealing to genuinely dedicated users.
  5. AI Leverage: Optimize your community management 24/7, cut manpower costs, and relish automated, custom events.

Key Features:

  1. Viral Quest Bot for Telegram and Discord:
    Deploy bots for social viral growth and user activation, operating directly within the community without any external redirections.

    1. Campaign Types:

      1. Lucky Money
      2. Lucky Draw
    2. Product Highlights:

      1. Viral multiplication of user invitations
      2. Support for both on-chain and off-chain task settings

  2. AI Community Assistant for your Telegram and Discord groups:
    Delivery of 24/7 multi-access, multi-scenario community assistance and engaging educational interaction.

    1. Features:
      1. Custom GPT equipped with a private knowledge base
      2. Utilization of native bot functionality in Discord and Telegram
      3. Monitoring community dynamism and user behavior via community analytics for improved operations.