How to Increase Community Users

Common practices in the industry

  1. Run activities on platforms like Galxe, QuestN, and TaskOn to acquire project users. Common tasks include joining Telegram, and Discord, following Twitter, etc.
  2. Host giveaway events on Twitter and manually select users from participants to distribute rewards.

Existing issues

  1. Limited traffic: The existing Quest platforms have small Web3 user pools, high user overlap, and high ratios of non-genuine users, resulting in low user quality.
  2. High user acquisition cost: Traffic depends on whether the platform provides ad space, with high costs for such spots.
  3. High number of ineffective users: It's impossible to track the activity and subsequent performance of users joining the community, therefore it's easy to attract ineffective users just seeking rewards.

Pea.AI's solution: Acquire a large number of effective users at a low cost

  1. Telegram and Discord Quest Bot: Acquire users from Telegram's and Discord's 1.5B user base at the highest efficiency through viral referral programs.
    1. On-chain tasks: TNX, Token Balance, etc.
    2. Off-chain tasks: Join telegram, Join Discord, participate in group chat, Follow Twitter, etc.

How to use

  1. Invite the Pea.AI Bot into the group to validate user entry and check user message history.
  2. Set up activities with the Pea.AI Bot and distribute them.

Successful cases

  1. Viral Lucky Money Campaign of a Protocol: Acquired 100k users at a low cost in just two weeks.
    1. Lower acquisition cost: The cost per acquisition is less than 0.1 USDT, while other Quest platforms require 0.3~1 USDT per acquisition, which is 3~10 times the cost of Pea.AI.
    2. Faster acquisition speed: Protocol acquired 70k users on Pea.AI within two weeks, while other non-Telegram social acquisition platforms would need 1-3 months to achieve the same numbers; thus, the acquisition speed on Pea.AI is 2~6 times faster than non-Telegram social acquisition platforms.