Assisting in Increasing the On-Chain Activity of BEVM

Project Background

  1. BEVM has launched the BEVM Visionary Builders (BVB) program to incentivize ecosystem projects and users to participate in project voting. It distributes assets worth 60 million US dollars as rewards to both projects and voting users based on voting results, fostering the prosperity of the BEVM ecosystem.

Problems Encountered

Participating in voting requires users to use their on-chain wallets to pay gas fees, which is a significant barrier. This has, to some extent, affected users' enthusiasm for voting.

How to Solve

Pea.AI has customized on-chain voting tasks for BEVM's BVB event. This allows all projects within the BEVM ecosystem to create events on the Pea.AI Bot, which can dramatically increase user participation at a very low cost.

Activity Effect

  1. BVB campaigns: 5
  2. Total campaign participants: 10k+


Pea.AI is a data-driven, one-stop growth solution that can seamlessly convert community users into on-chain users. By employing a viral fission method, it can efficiently acquire a large number of users at a minimal cost.