10 Add PeaAIBot to Your Telegram Group

PeaAIBot has received an exciting upgrade – it now supports direct invitations to your Telegram Group without the need to pre-create a GPT/Bot on Pea.

(If you have already set up a GPT on Pea, refer to this tutorial for instructions on how to add your GPT Bot to a group.)

As the Owner/Admin of a Group, adding the bot is simple:

  1. In your Telegram chat, click on your Group Name and select 'Add Member'.

  1. In the search bar, look up PeaAIBot, select Pea.AI, and confirm the addition.

  1. You'll see a success message in your Group once the bot is added.

  1. A success message will also appear on the PeaAIBot page.(You can directly access the PeaAIBot page by clicking @PeaAIBot.)

  1. When you log into Pea.AI Web, you'll find that the system has automatically created a GPT with your Group Name.


  1. Can I add the bot to a group if I'm not the Group Owner or Admin?
    Yes, even if you're not the Group Owner or Admin, you can still add the bot. Upon doing so, the system will automatically create and activate a GPT/Bot named after the Group Name within the group. However, the Bot's Owner will be the actual Group Owner.
  2. What if I've already created a GPT on Pea, how do I add it to my Group?
    Please follow the instructions in the provided tutorial to add your GPT to the group.
  3. What should I do if I keep failing to add the bot?
    1. First, try removing any previously added bots, then retry the process outlined above.
    2. Check your Telegram version; ensuring you're using the latest version can improve compatibility.
    3. If you continue to encounter issues, you can seek help directly from an Admin at Pea.AI Official (Pea-pod) .