How to Increase Community Engagement

Common practices in the industry

  1. Set up periodic activities on their products or websites, or establish activities on quest platforms.

Existing problems

  1. Poor activity outcomes: The quality of messages in the community is not high, with many ineffective messages, such as "gm".
  2. Low user stickiness: It's impossible to layer users and provide corresponding incentives. For example, when loyal users do not receive rewards, it may lead to user attrition.
  3. Inability to analyze data: There are no effective tools for examining user behavior and messages, etc.

Pea.AI's Solution: Activate users and invigorate the community at low cost and high efficiency

  1. Telegram and Discord Quest Bot: Motivate users to participate in community interactions more frequently and with greater quality through Quest activities.
  2. Set up periodic active tasks: Such as daily messages.
  3. Set up in-depth interaction tasks for the community.
    1. Comment frequency: The number of messages by users can be set.
    2. Comment content: Rules for effective messages can be established, such as filtering out spam and greeting information, or requiring the users to chat around specified topics.
  4. Through the community analysis dashboard provided by Pea.AI, identify active users and hot topics for targeted operations.

How to use

  1. Invite the Pea.AI Bot into the group to validate the validity of group entry and user messages, etc.
  2. Set up and distribute activities in the Pea.AI Bot.

Successful cases

  1. Ronin: Used Pea.AI's AI GPT Bot for community user education and improved users' understanding of the Ronin ecosystem.
    1. The event page was visited 42k times.
    2. A total of 7600 users engaged in the Ronin GPT Bot to understand Ronin, with 17k instances of Q&A.