Current Critical Problems

  1. Limited KOL energy
    1. Low content output efficiency: KOLs need to spend a lot of time preparing and distributing content (such as project websites, blogs, articles, research reports, guides, etc.) for fans to access.
    2. Low response efficiency: Fans may encounter problems or need help, but KOLs can't be online all the time, so they might not get timely answers.
  2. Low fan activity: KOLs may struggle to stimulate effective community participation and activity.
  3. Difficulty in monetizing
    1. Hard to track marketing activities: KOLs may find it tough to trace and prove the effects of their promotional activities, causing difficulties in finding more marketing collaborations.
    2. Lack of quality cooperative project resources: Often, it's hard for KOLs to find matching partners for effective promotion.

Our solution: A data-driven one-stop tool for growth and analysis

  1. Enhance efficiency: Community AI Assistant

    1. Boost content output efficiency: KOLs upload content to the GPT knowledge base, Pea.AI automatically parses and trains on this content, eliminating the need for KOLs to re-write.
    2. Improve response efficiency: KOLs add the GPT bot to their community, and users can interact with it to get quick relevant answers.

  2. Boost community engagement: Community Growth Tool

    1. Activate communities: KOLs can send "Lucky Money" to the group with the Pea.AI growth tool, attracting more attention and participation.
    2. Reward distribution and community growth: After obtaining the whitelist from project teams, KOLs can set tasks through Pea.AI to drive traffic for the project and their community and distribute rewards.

  3. Boost income:

    1. Gain exclusive promotional links: Use Pea.AI's tools to get exclusive promotional links from multiple channels and monetize private community traffic.
    2. Track promotional effectiveness: With Pea.AI's tools, clearly understand the effect and earnings of each promotional activity.
    3. Support for early joiners: Those who join the KOL program early will gain more Pea Points rewards and traffic support. Additionally, as an incubated team of Pea.AI, Footprint Analytics is a leading data provider in Web3, having served over 500+ project parties, offering KOLs resources of project parties willing to cooperate.