AI Community Assistant

Pea.AI enables everyone to craft their own GPT and equip it with a bespoke knowledge base. Now, Pea.AI has introduced a feature that transforms these GPTs into Bots, which can be integrated into Discord and Telegram groups.These Bots provide a 24/7 Q&A service, offer the ability to send custom notifications across various groups, and perform detailed community user analytics.

Key Features

  1. 24/7 Project Customer Support
    1. Responds to project-related questions at any time, facilitating constant interaction and reducing the need for human oversight.
    2. Learns from the knowledge base to provide accurate responses and continues to learn autonomously.
    3. Supports an array of resources, including websites, whitepapers, Medium articles, documentation, FAQs, and file uploads.
  2. Scheduled Notifications
    1. Delivers news updates to groups at set times.
    2. Summarizes community content on a regular schedule.
    3. Sends out custom notifications as configured.
  3. Community Analytics
    1. Compiles chat statistics within the community.
    2. Identifies and reports on active community members.
    3. Analyzes community content to identify trending topics, like hotly mentioned tokens or protocols.


  1. Create a GPT
  2. Set up a knowledge base to the GPT
  3. Add the GPT Bot to your community (Discord tutotial, Telegram tutorial)
    1. Finalize the authorization process on Discord
    2. Activate the bot automatically on Telegram
  4. mention @PeaAIbot to initiate a conversation with it

You should be aware

  1. Types of questions
    1. Questions about basic project details
      1. References to data in the Pea database and any tailored GPT knowledge bases;
    2. The latest project updates and news;
    3. project data (beta, source: Footprint)
    4. token data (beta,source: Footprint)
    5. Other blockchain questions
  2. Data sources
    1. Official project websites and their public release channels, regularly indexed by Pea.AI
    2. Open information sources such as news articles
    3. The Footprint database
    4. Other cryptocurrency-related data sources
    5. GPT-configured knowledge repositories
      1. We recommend including official project websites, Medium articles, blogs, docs in the knowledge base
      2. Including project FAQs is also advisable
    6. Chat history within the community post-Bot integration

  3. Supported Languages
    1. It supports a wide array of languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Communication and response in these languages are supported.
    2. English is advised for optimal performance with Pea.AI.