Viral Lucky Money Campaign of a Protocol

Viral Lucky Money Campaign of a Protocol: Acquired 70k users at a low cost in just two weeks.

Project Background

A newly launched project needs to acquire a large number of new users for a cold start.

Problems Encountered

Attempts were made to advertise through various channels, create campaigns on Quest platforms, and provide internal product incentives. However, the results and speed of acquiring customers were not satisfactory.

How to Solve

A Viral Lucky Money Campaign was launched on the Pea.AI Bot, with the task being to join the community and send messages within it.

Activity Effect

  1. Activity duration: 2 weeks.
  2. Total campaign participants: 100k+.
  3. New community members: 93k, with a group join conversion rate of 93%.
  4. Cost per customer acquisition: less than 0.1 USDT. Other Quest platforms cost 0.3~1 USDT per user, which is 3~10 times the cost of Pea.AI.


Relying on the Telegram and Discord ecosystems, the Pea.AI Quest Bot is very suitable for converting Telegram and Discord users into project community users. Viral fission not only has a low customer acquisition cost but also high efficiency in obtaining customers.