How to Improve Project's On-chain Activity

Common practices in the industry

Self-built activity modules in the product or setting up campaigns on quest platforms.

Existing issues

  1. Significant R&D investment: Long development cycle, the activity module is not the core business of the project, it can divert team focus and impact business development.
  2. Difficulty in tracking event effectiveness: There is a lack of data-indexing, analysis, and tracking tools for event effectiveness.
  3. Low user stickiness: It's impossible to layer users and provide corresponding incentives. For example, when loyal users do not receive rewards, it may lead to user attrition.

Pea.AI's solution: Acquire user on-chain activity efficiently at a low cost

  1. Telegram and Discord Quest Bot: Encourage users to participate in project on-chain interactions more frequently and of higher quality through Quest events.
    1. Recurring on-chain tasks: Daily check-ins, daily interaction count, increase in the amount of Tokens held, etc.
  2. Through the community analysis dashboard provided by Pea.AI to mine active users and those who truly contribute to the project. Incentivize these users to increase user retention and stickiness. For example, offering token/NFT lottery benefits based on user activity levels.

How to use

  1. Invite the Pea.AI Bot into the group to validate user entry and check user message history.
  2. Set up activities with the Pea.AI Bot and distribute them.

Successful cases

Merlin Chain: By using the AI Quest Bot provided by Pea.AI, user on-chain interaction tasks were set up, which increased the number of wallet users and daily active users on the public chain.

  1. Event Duration: 1 day
  2. Page visits for the event exceeded 1k
  3. More than 500 users participated in the event, which is 3~5 times more than other platforms.