Help KOLs with Growth and Monetization

Pea.AI aims to help KOLs and their communities grow and monetize their communities.

Here are some key use cases for KOLs

1. Community AI Assistant

Offers 24/7 instant support in all your communities and improves the fan experience

  1. Benefits for KOLs
    1. Increase Content Output Efficiency: KOLs can upload project websites, blogs, Medium articles, research reports, guides, etc., to the GPT knowledge base. Pea.AI will automatically parse and train on these contents, eliminating the need for KOLs to rewrite and deliver content to fans.
    2. Improve Response Efficiency: Once KOLs add the GPT Bot to their community, users can interact with the Bot to get relevant answers quickly, enhancing the user experience.
  2. How to Use
    1. Create Custom GPT
    2. Use Cases and Community Analytics

2. Community Growth Tool

  1. Benefits for KOLs
    1. Activate Communities: KOLs can send Lucky Money to the group using the Pea.AI growth tool, activating the community (currently supports Telegram, Discord is under development). For example, before promoting a project, KOLs can send Lucky Money in the Telegram group to attract attention and engagement.
    2. Reward Distribution and Community Growth: After obtaining the whitelist from the project party, KOLs can set tasks through Pea.AI to drive traffic for the project and their community and distribute rewards.
  2. How to Use the Pea.AI Quest Tool
    1. Type of growth campaign
    2. Create Quest Campaign (Coming soon)

3. KOL's Promotional Performance Data

When a KOL participates in the event and shares it with others, the system automatically tracks the invitation chain.

  1. Benefits for KOLs:
    1. Increase KOL Income: If KOLs promote projects through Pea.AI growth tool, both KOLs and project parties can view the effectiveness brought by KOLs. This serves as proof of KOLs' promotional performance, attracting more project parties for promotional cooperation, thereby increasing income.
    2. Gain Support from Pea.AI and Footprint Analytics: The earlier KOLs join, the more Pea Points rewards and traffic support they receive. Additionally, as an incubated team of Pea.AI, Footprint Analytics is a leading data provider in Web3, having served over 500+ project parties, offering KOLs resources of project parties willing to cooperate.